How to Fix WordPress 5.5 Breaking Sites and Plugins Issue

Some users are experiencing unusual behaviours after moving to WordPress 5.5. Here we are with the solution.

We all know that WordPress 5.5 is pretty much a hit. However, users are facing numerous problems in themes and plugins that triggered the collapse of pages. The main issue arises due to the elimination of obsolete jQuery Migrate.

Must-Have WordPress Plugins And Why We Need Them

Have you ever got confused while selecting the right WordPress plugin for your site? If your answer is yes then you are not alone.

The reason is there are around fifty thousand WordPress plugins available or even more than that. It’s not an easy task to choose or compare the best one from this huge list of WordPress plugins. But don’t worry, we will help you in choosing the must-have WordPress plugin through this post.

How To Disable The Gutenberg And Keep Using Classic Editor

WordPress keeps updating itself for making it more user friendly and awesome by adding new features. Gutenberg Editor is also a part of that change.

Gutenberg editor is available in WordPress 5.0 and later, which was introduced the first time in December 2018. Before the Gutenberg editor, for creating content on WordPress like posts, pages, etc Classic Editor was used by default.

Best Wordpress Cache Plugin

Best WordPress Cache Plugin to Boost Website Performance (2020)

Looking to improve the performance of your WordPress website? You know cache plays a very important role in enhancing your website speed. But wait which WordPress Caching plugins you should use to make your website load faster? Don’t worry here we are going to discuss some of the best WordPress caching plugins for boosting up your website.