A few days back we heard from one of our regular clients, asking to fix the Pinterest pin image not showing issue. The problem was the image was showing properly if we access it directly but when someone tries Pinterest’s pin it button to share the post then the image won’t appear.

The Pinterest issue looks something similar to the below screenshot.

Pinterest Image not showing
Pinterest Image not showing

There are many possible solutions, depending on the situation.

Lazy-load Images

Lazy-load images won’t work with the Pinterest button. If you have applied the lazy load settings for your WordPress website images then you have to disable it. Lazy-load could be possible through many WordPress plugins, so make sure to disable only the lazy-load settings, instead of the complete plugin.

Big Size Images

We always take care of our client’s business from a technical point of view such as protecting WordPress from hacking and maintaining WordPress speed optimization etc. Most of the time, newbies don’t care about the image size and will upload big sizes images.

Pinterest doesn’t allow too big images in size and will cause the image not to show. You can check the max image size on the Pinterest product specification page. It is always advisable to use images in lower size.

Double sure the image should be accessible

Make sure the infographic that you would like to attach with the Pinterest share button, should be accessible. Sometimes it is not accessible due to server security/policies. In this case, you have to contact your hosting to resolve this issue.


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